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AgPilotX drives the Guidance System through any Apple device.  Wirelessly connect to the Lightbar and Hub.  View your spray screen with imagery background (Apple Maps).


Connect switches, meter and valve to the hub.  No more bulky cables and oversized connectors – all cables can be cut to length so no more extra cables in the aircraft.

GNSS Guidance

Wireless Lightbar with GNSS (GPS + GLONASS) and Antenna built in. Completely wireless communication. Lightbar only needs power and ground.

Optional Live Tracking

Track aircraft from anywhere through the cell modem of the Apple device.  Simply connect your iPad to a cell carrier and login to AgHippo LIVE.  Instantly send files from any location to AgPilotX.

Work done in the field can be sent back to the office immediately where coverage, flow rates, vehicle speeds and more can be inspected, printed and saved. Download AgHippo log viewing software for Windows now.

Download these files, extract all, and run the AgHippoInstaller.exe program to load AgHippo on your computer.  

Inspect from the Office

Join the AgOtter Community group on Facebook. Share photos, tips and ask questions. Also look for product updates and new features from Insero. Share with your friends or others in the industry.

See article in Western Farm Press referring to AgOtter and its benefits

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