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Embedded Software Engineer

Job Description

How you will make an impact

Insero is a small company that makes a big impact. We bring technology to agriculture and specifically to the growers, consultants and service providers in the industry. Insero is the only high-tech company in agriculture that focuses on controlling machinery (spraying systems in agricultural aircraft and ground sprayers) solely through Apple products. We are proud to design precise machine control and guidance, cutting edge wireless installations, live machine tracking, error notification and detailed work reports for our customers who rely on it for spraying and other grower activities.

We are looking for a motivated engineer to grow with us.

What you will bring with you

  • Experience building high quality solutions
  • Exceptional troubleshooting and analytical abilities
  • Desire to learn and lead
  • Proven ability working with our technology platforms (ARM Cortex M4, FreeRTOS, nRF52 Bluetooth 5, Thread, CAN)
  • Practical hardware and lab equipment experience

What you will do

  • Drive technical solutions
  • Continuously improve processes and solutions to be defensive, efficient and robust
  • Correct existing architecture shortcomings and troubleshoot system level issues
  • Implement from concept to customer
  • Design safe data storage, messaging in and out of the box and application architecture

What do we offer?

The opportunity to be part of a growing success story in the important industry of agriculture; We expect you will learn from us and that we will learn from you. Being part of a small team means you will develop skills and experience in aspects of engineering and business far beyond the realm of embedded engineering. You will be welcomed in to our supportive team, experience a good work/life balance and will be allowed independent agency.


Insero is in Tempe, Arizona.


Send resumes to:

Aaron Stichter

Director of Engineering

Join Insero

Insero’s history is based on tech support and experience.  It is a new company, established to have more interaction between company and customer.  We have a major focus on bringing better training and knowledge to people, but understanding the customer’s needs is paramount.

If you believe in our vision we would like to hear from you.

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