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Solutions for Agriculture

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23 years of GPS Sales, Service and Design

Our history

insero’s history is based on tech support and experience.  It is a new company, established to have more interaction between company and customer.  We have a major focus on bringing better training and knowledge to people, but understanding the customer’s needs is paramount.

Our vision

insero’s Vision is to bring Solutions to users.  A Solution is required when there are multiple options or approaches to a path.  The user’s path will be unique requiring knowledge and understanding of all the moving parts – hardware, software and cloud or data related.  The path is complex but it is not complicated.  insero can work with you to help you decide what is best.

At insero, we do not make decisions for you. We inform the user of the options and then help find the best path to accomplish the task – basic or complex.  Our goal is to be the customers’ one-stop shop.


  • Greg Guyette
    Greg Guyette General Manager

    Highly experienced sales and product management professional focused on building products and services for the the agricultural industry.

    GPS, GNSS, Precision Agriculture, Imagery, Aerial Data Acquisition, Aerial Applications and Data Management.

    Skilled at establishing and growing customer relationships, strategic selling, designing business solutions and leading innovation across products and services.

  • Anthony Fay
    Anthony Fay Director of Sales and Support

    Graduated with a degree in electronics and began working for a conveyor company in Dallas, TX. Worked four years as an engineering tech, developing key skills in troubleshooting, PLC programming, electrical wiring and reading/designing schematics. Began working for with aerial guidance systems in 2006. Was responsible for repairs and QC/testing of all air products and some light manufacturing of circuit boards.


    Since 2009, has served as a Technical Support Specialist and then a Products’ Specialist and Account Manager for all Air Products. Instrumental in the development of aerial guidance systems. Spent countless hours in the field supporting and training users. Represented government contracts for the US Department of State.  Held training classes around the world including Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, and Canada.

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