Our team makes most of the major Ag Aviation shows in the U.S. and we’d love to meet up with you while we are there. Interested in learning more? Let’s meet up. Contact us at anthonyfay@inserosolutions.com to set up a time to meet.

2019 Event Schedule

10/15-10/17: Colorado AAA Convention- PAASS Program

11/3-11/5: Pacific Northwest AAA Convention

11/4-11/6: Kansas AAA Convention

11/11-11/13: California AAA Annual Convention

11/18-11/21: 2019 NAAA Ag Aviation Expo

12/3-12/5: Mid- States Ag Aviation Conference

2020 Event Schedule

1/4-1/6: Arkansas AAA Convention

1/8-1/9: Missouri AAA Annual Conference

1/8-1/10: Texas AAA Convention

1/13-1/15: Louisiana AAA Annual Conference

1/16-1/18: Mississippi AAA Convention

1/19-1/21: Northeast AAA Convention

1/21-1/23: Oklahoma AAA Conference

1/24-1/26: New Mexico AAA Convention

2/3-2/5: Southeast Aero Cultural Fair (SEAF)

2/9-2/10: North Carolina AAA Convetion

2/10-2/12: Tri-States Convention

2/23-2/25: Nebraska ATA Convention

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