New AgPilotX features now available. Please be sure to update the App, Lightbar and Hub for all features to be usable.

The newest App is available on the App store –  Version 1.2.20 build (227)

Firmware for the Lightbar and Hub have also been sent directly to your system – Version L1.4.66 / H1.4.66

If you do not see the updates or have any questions. Please call our support hotline at 602-610-1299

:: New ::

  • Selectable Angle of Intercept LEDs.
    • Choose a value from 0.5 to 90 degrees for every LED on the bottom row of the lightbar.
  • Choose your preferred readout for each of the four lightbar displays.
    • Setup in Lightbar settings menu.
    • Blank, Swath #, Rate / Speed, Heading, Cross Track, Speed, Rate / Area, AgLaser Altitude
  • Added new pattern Quicktrack X.
    • Define using total field width or total swath count.
  • Added ability to define the pattern using Pattern on a Poly.
    • Load the shape file and then hold finger down on poly to bring up options for pattern
  • Shapefiles can be displayed in their native color
  • Shapefiles can display the crop name, planted acres, calculated acres and field count as annotations on the map.
    • Available with correct attributes in Shape file
  • MVP Support
    • Show torque and Temp on lightbar

:: Improved ::

  • Airplane on the map has been moved forward to its accurate real-time position and now matches the green spray.
  • Allows swath width up to 2000 feet (up from 600).

:: Fixed ::

  • Fixed bug where Device Type message was sent to the Lightbar instead of Meter Type when Meter Type is edited.
  • Corrected some Metric display problems
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