There is no Hub update at this time. Lightbar firmware L1.4.76 is compatible with hub firmware H1.4.74

Lightbar: L1.4.76

:: New ::

Auto On/Off Lead In and Lag Out look ahead

:: Fixed ::
Fixed the resetting of the Hopper volume

App: 1.2.29 (283)

:: New ::

Poly Lead In and Lead Out times can be set for Auto ON/OFFAdds all the shapefiles in a group to the map when a Job is started and removes them when Job closes (AgSync Only)

:: Improved ::

If Complete is pressed while Offline, AgPilotX now automatically sends the command to AgHippo once iPad goes back Online (AgSync Only) Added message describing how to choose Helicopter Lightbar displays Improved colors for visibilityChanged the name of the Complete button to Submit (AgSync Only) Disables Share button if more than 5 Jobs are selected

:: Fixed ::

Edit button was visible on Displays toggle

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