Thank you for your interest in AgOtter. We’d love to talk to you about our product and learn more about business.

AgOtter is a product of Insero, an ag-engineering company with a history based on tech support and experience. We have a major focus on bringing better training and knowledge to people, but understanding the customer’s needs is paramount.

Insero’s Vision is to bring Solutions to users. A Solution is required when there are multiple options or approaches to a path. The user’s path will be unique requiring knowledge and understanding of all the moving parts – hardware, software and cloud or data related. The path is complex but it is not complicated. insero can work with you to help you decide what is best.

At Insero, we do not make decisions for you. We inform the user of the options and then help find the best path to accomplish the task – basic or complex. Our goal is to be the customers’ one-stop shop.


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You can also reach us at our new support line: 559-206-0733

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