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AgOtter is a rate control and calibration device that installs on ground rigs and sprayers to put the most important data of your business at your fingertips.

Here are some of our key features.

  • Our active-calibration technology automatically compensates for driver speed changes.
  • Track your driver’s minute by minute action (Track driver’s idle time)
  • Quickly change the calibration from one rate or row width to another in seconds
  • Record/report your Gallon and Acre totals every day 
  • Receive daily automated email updates on progress
  • Immediately warn your driver when he’s making a mistake such as driving too fast, has a plumbing problem, or missed a row
  • Record the application for future records to help with compliance and food safety concerns

Introducing the new AgOtter.

  • New and improved waterproof enclosure to withstand the elements (IP 68 rated).
  • New Bluetooth 5.0 technology with 3x the range of previous models.
  • The ability to record harvest data.

Review of the new AgOtter pressure rating

Need Help?

Do you know what's happening in your fields right now?

You can.


Automatically record each application for future records to help with compliance, drift, and food safety concerns. Know what happened and where.


Know exactly how much is being sprayed and automatically be alerted of any missed rows. Evaluate and understand vital data from any location. Analyze applicators idle time and receive a daily email of the last 24 hours for review.


Actively calibrate each sprayer by compensating for speed and pressure. Quickly change calibration from one row width to another in seconds. No manual calibration.


Track each job and be alerted of any issues such as speed, rate pressure, or plumbing, as they happen on any internet-connected device.


AgOtter runs on Apple devices to display the data – the map, the rate, the speed, the acres or hectares, the gallons or liters, etc.

Our AgOtter App allows you to see the data, changes settings in the controller like swath width and desired rate, and move the data or push it to the cloud. The driver of the Sprayer can immediately detect a spray or plumbing problem, or simply ensure that he is on target with rate or speed.  And everything is recorded for post analysis.

New Components

AgOtter is made up of state-of-the-art componentry designed to give provide the information you need. Our controller, meters, and ground sensors are designed to give you accurate, real-time data.


Supervise your application whenever, wherever.  You can monitor all your critical applications with real-time data from your desk or your truck. Check speed, rate, and balance at a glance. Know if your driver needs more training, needs to clean a plug, or get a pat on the back for a job well done.

What Customers Say.

“Agrian has been particularly impressed with the ability of AgOtter to offer uninterrupted service under tree canopies. This is due to AgOtter’s patent-pending technology that combines inertial and magnetic sensors with GPS/GNSS; the technology allows uninterrupted logging, mapping and flow control even if the satellite signal is lost.”


“The AgOtter has really allowed me to keep track of what’s going on because I can’t always be there watching the application and I can’t do all of the applications myself. It’s been really useful for keeping people honest…. It’s taught me a lot about my sprayers”

GREG FERRARI- Ferrari Farms

Gino Favagrossa

Greg Ferrari

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