Creating Solutions for Agriculture.

An Ag Engineering Company

We are an ag-engineering company focused on helping ag businesses grow. We specialize in making products that are sophisticated in design, yet easy to use. Simple to install, vital for your ag operations.


Insero designs GPS/GNSS and machine control products. Our products give you vital, real-time data from any internet-connected device.

Tons of Features

Features like active calibration, GPS guidance and tracking, rate control, email notifications, live-tracking,  and compliance tracking examples of our powerful features.

Dedicated Support

Each product has a dedicated support line and we have a cadre of dedicated dealers, partners, and an on-the-ground support team.

Integrates with other products

Our products are Apple-based and have integrations with companies in the Agriculture industry such as Agrian, Conservis, Chem-Man Online, Surety, MVP, and many more.

What Our Customers Say

  • "Agrian has been particularly impressed with the ability of AgOtter to offer uninterrupted service under tree canopies. This is due to AgOtter’s patent-pending technology that combines inertial and magnetic sensors with GPS/GNSS; the technology allows uninterrupted logging, mapping and flow control even if the satellite signal is lost.”

    Nish Majaraian Agrian/ CEO
  • “The AgOtter has really allowed me to keep track of what's going on because I can't always be there watching the application and I can't do all of the applications myself. It's been really useful for keeping people honest.... It's taught me a lot about my sprayers"

    Greg Ferrari Ferrari Farms
  • “My experience has been excellent.  The AgPilotX staff has been just a phone call away.  The customer service has been bar none.”

    Isaac Wilde
  • “It’s just SMOOTH.”

    Jerry Keeter
  • “The Ag PilotX by Insero has exceeded my expectations with its reliability, user-friendliness, and support. I am extremely pleased with the system. “

    Ed Shores

Partners & Dealers

We have the honor of working with partners and dealers from around the globe.

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