The Controller thinks for the system.  This small box holds the computer, the GPS/GNSS receiver, the inertial system, the speed sensor reader and the data logger.  The Controller is responsible for achieving the target rate.  Set your desired rate in the system and the Controller will continuously adjust a valve to be sure that the target rate is maintained regardless of ground speed, pressure or view of the sky.

This displays the data – the map, the rate, the speed, the acres or hectares, the gallons or liters, etc.  This is not needed for AgOtter to operate; it only acts as a way to see the data (through the AgOtter App) and change any setting on the Controller (like desired rate or swath width).  It can also be used to move the data from the Controller or even to push the data to the cloud if desired.  The driver of the Sprayer can immediately detect a spray or plumbing problem, or simply ensure that he is on target with rate or speed.  And everything is recorded for post analysis.


The free AgOtter app for any iPad or iPhone you have personally, or within the company can connect to any AgOtter in your fleet.

Apple Devices


This monitors the rate.  It tells the Controller how much is flowing through the system and this is wirelessly relayed to the Apple device for real-time monitoring. And no more internal moving parts in the meter.  AgOtter comes with electromagnetic meters and gets away from the traditional turbine or paddle wheel design that so often fail or get stuck.  With no moving parts in the meter, there is less to go wrong or stop a spray application.

This physically controls the rate.  The Controller tells the Valve to open or close based on current rate, which is gathered from the meters and affected by vehicle speed and pressure.  The Controller offsets the variables by opening and closing the valve so desired rate is constantly achieved.

AgOtter has the versatility to be used with either one or two meters (for independent left and right boom readings) or can be connected to read up to 5 sections.


Ground Speed Sensor

This calculates the exact speed of the vehicle. By sensing every bolt in the wheel as it passes in front of the fixed sensor, the exact distance of travel is determined.  The Controller can calculate the ground speed precisely and use this perfect speed to control the flow rate.  This type of speed sensor is faster than GPS and it continues to work even when GPS fails.

The sensor is installed once, on one wheel. Then a calibration can be reentered at any time by measuring the distance of one complete rotation of the tire.

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