The integration that is revolutionizing the spray industry.

Conservis’ integration with AgOtter automates and simplifies the management of spraying activities, therefore saving time, improving control, and reducing costly mistakes.

  • Automate entire spray process
  • Improve efficiency and reduce mistakes
  • Comply with regulations
  • Automate inventory

No other system exists that can provide end-to-end control and automation of the spray 

How it works

How does the AgOtter-Conservis integration support your spray process?

Planning and Budgeting
  • Wirelessly send planned jobs and work orders directly to the sprayer on the AgOtter app.
  • Plan future AgOtter jobs and financial plans at the block level.
  • Create whole farm, lender ready budgets.
  • Budget and respond to changing conditions.
Purchasing and Inventory
  • Create shopping lists of inputs and real-time purchase orders.
  • Confirm needed inputs are onsite for planned AgOtter jobs.
  • Manage Inventory knowing that you have the necessary inputs needed for the AgOtter application
  • Wirelessly recieve jobs that automatically populate the sprayer and the AgOtter Controller with row width and spray rate, reducing user touchpoints that can lead to costly errors.
  • Start with a calibrated machine using AgOtter to ensure equipment is set correctly prior to entering the field.
  • As the application occurs the AgOtter will actively calibrate the sprayer to ensure that the rate is on target throughout the entire application regardless of changing driver speeds.
Driver Awareness
  • Driver can confirm uniform coverage on an AgOtter iPad in the cab to see independent flow rates for left and right boom.
  • AgOtter will flag the driver with on-screen alerts for overspeed and imbalanced rate.
Track and Monitor
  • As the application is being performed, the AgOtter automatically sends data to the cloud for real-time monitoring.
  • Spray data is automatically sent to Conservis when the application is complete.
Real-time observation with AgHippo
  • Manage spray team real-time in the field increasing operational efficacy.
  • Oversee actual job data to verify that the sprayer is applying at the correct rate and speed for the job.
  • AgHippo will send production report of the last 24 hours to your inbox every morning.
  • Identify over/ under application trends to correct.
  • Double or skipped rows will no longer be a mystery.
  • Confirm that there was uniform coverage with left/ right boom comparison.
Real-time observation with AgHippo
  • Check driver idle times and fleet efficiency metrics.
  • Find problematic sprayers and/or drivers.
  • Know what has been done vs. the production plan and adjust as needed in a timely fashon.
  • Manager budget to actual cost variances with high confidence.
  • Know the cost and profitability by orchard, block, and variety.
  • Identify most profitable practices to optimize and control costs.
  • Compare performance and efficiency across blocks and cultural practices to drive operational efficiencies.
  • Feed analysis back into the planning process to make future improvements.
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