:: New ::

  • Auto ON/OFF
  • New E message in the log records Errors. Right now it is 1 if Hub Disconnects or when it Connects.
  • Can set simulator position message from app.

:: Improved ::

  • Simulator flies further on each swath to test certain shapefiles with exclusion zones.

:: Fixed ::

  • Fixed AgLaser.
  • Sprayed swaths on the app match the log.
  • Sprayed swath indicator works again for the current session.
  • Now says WAITING HUB correctly at startup.
  • Fixed Spray-On processing so that it will not read Flow Rate (> 10%) as Spray-On unless the switch to Ignore Switch is set.



:: New ::

  • Auto ON/OFF

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1.2.20 (227)

:: New ::

  • Selectable Angle of Intercept LEDs. Choose a value from 0.5 to 90 degrees for every LED on the bottom bar of the lightbar.
  • Choose your preferred readout for each of the four lightbar displays: blank, Swath #, Rate / Speed, Heading,
  • Cross Track, Speed, Rate / Area, AgLaser Altitude
  • Added new pattern Quicktrack X. Define using total field width or total swath count.
  • Added ability to define the pattern using Pattern on a Poly.
  • Shapefiles can be displayed in their native color.
  • Shapefiles can display the crop name, planted acres, calculated acres and field count as annotations on the map
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