:: New ::

  • Guidance to each polygon in a Shapefile
  • New Airplane icon on the map rotates with your heading. Also, when zoomed in close, the icon size matches your swath width.
  • New Big number pad when editing Target Rate
  • Laser Altimeter wing height calibration
  • Displays Hub Serial Number on lightbar connection button
  • Enter Weather Notes and they’ll save to the log

:: Improved ::

  • Bigger Target Rate value when editing from tile
  • Bigger Pattern info when editing from tile
  • Bigger Landing Strips info
  • Bigger Adv / Dec buttons on bottom of map
  • Better GO TO menu
  • GO TO swath defaults to R / L you are currently on
  • Navigation Guidance line is now bold yellow for easier visual


:: Fixed ::

  • GO TO Swath now allows going to the extended swaths
  • GO TO Swath can now go to either side of a Back to Back pattern
  • Fixed random 0 on Altimeter
  • Fixed reset issues on Volume tile for Loads and Total
  • Target Rate not recalled correctly when resuming a job
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