AgOtter is a rate control and calibration device that installs on ground rigs and sprayers to put the most important data of your business at your fingertips. 

AgOtter is a first of its kind, state-of-the-art, spray controller engineered specifically for specialty crops yet diverse enough to work anywhere. Bring simplicity to the field utilizing your iPhone/iPad for the visual display of real-time data.


Control couldn’t be simpler!

Finally a control solution for the speciality market. Using AgOtters patented sensor technology, you now have rate control where other systems falter, even in a full canopy . With every application on your operation there are countless opportunities for errors. AgOtter brings control back to you and minimize the risks of applications. 
Control: Utilize any iOS device to set the rate, knowing the application is correctly applied
Calibration: Easily calibrate machines and identify operating limits before they leave the yard
Canopy: The unit will control rate based on ground speed regardless of clear sky view or full canopy enclosure.
Fleet management: Know what rows have been sprayed avoiding skips or double applications. Take it a step further with one of our partner integrations utilizing work orders.


  • Our active-calibration technology automatically compensates for driver speed changes.
  • Track your driver’s minute by minute action (Track driver’s idle time)
  • Quickly change the calibration from one rate or row width to another in seconds
  • Record/report your Gallon and Acre totals every day 
  • Receive daily automated email updates on progress
  • Immediately warn your driver when he’s making a mistake such as driving too fast, has a plumbing problem, or missed a row
  • Record the application for future records to help with compliance and food safety concerns


Automatically record each application for future records to help with compliance, drift, and food safety concerns. Know what happened and where.


Know exactly how much is being sprayed and see skipped rows online after the fact. Evaluate and understand vital data from any location. Analyze applicators idle time and receive a daily email of the last 24 hours for review.


Actively calibrate each sprayer by compensating for speed and pressure. Quickly change calibration from one row width to another in seconds. No manual calibration.


Track each job and be alerted of any issues such as speed, rate pressure, or plumbing, as they happen on any internet-connected device

We are excited to introduce an new partnership that is revolutionizing the spray industry. 

Conservis’ integration with AgOtter automates and simplifies the management of spraying activities, therefore saving time, improving control, and reducing costly mistakes.

  • Automate entire spray process
  • Improve efficiency and reduce mistakes
  • Comply with regulations
  • Automate inventory

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